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Enclosures Gallery

PVC Cylinder and Aluminum End-caps

ref: 002

Acrylic tubes with PVC flanges and end-caps

ref: 001

Aluminum with glass viewport

ref: 003

Welded Aluminum

ref: 004

Acetal Cylinder

with Aluminum End-caps

ref: 006


ref: 007


ref: 008

Aluminum Enclosure for video camera & Batteries

ref: 005


ref: 009


ref: 010


ref: 011

Acetal and stainless steel end-caps

ref: 012


ref: 013

Acetal with acrylic viewport

ref: 014


ref: 015


ref: 016

Rectangular acetal pods

Foam filled acetal canisters

ref: 017

Aluminum with sapphire viewport

ref: 018


Aluminum sphere

ref: 019

Stainless steel

ref: 020

Welded aluminum and glass viewport

ref: 021

Cast nylon and stainless steel

ref: 022

Welded titanium

ref: 023

Acetal with sapphire viewport

ref: 024


ref: 025


ref: 026

Aluminum with sapphire viewports oriented at a 3- degree offset.

ref: 027

Titanium & glass dome

ref: 028

Shown below are a few examples of enclosures we have designed and manufactured over the years. It often starts with a design study, where we exchange ideas, CAD renderings and drawings until you approve of the design. The entire process, from first contact to shipping, takes an average time of 5 weeks.

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